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We had the laundry room side of our basement done first and thought we has solved our problem since the recreation room side was already paneled and carpeted and it looked nice. Not long afterwards we had that side of the basement leak. It ruined everything. It's marvelous! That musty mildew horrible smell is completely gone. Well worth it, I'll never regret spending the money. Thoroughly satisfied.

Jim - Toledo, Ohio

Fantastic job! We've had a lot of trouble with our basement in the past. It was like a swimming pool. It's been almost 3 years since Interior Channel did the waterproofing and we have not had even one single drop of water since. As a matter of fact we are planning to panel the basement now.

Sincerely John B.  - Findlay Ohio

We wanted to use our basement for a family room but there was water seepage and we couldn't Interior Channel came out and fixed it completely. We've remodeled now and I'm very satisfied. They were quick, courteous and clean. I'm in business myself and I know what it takes to make people happy. I am happy with Interior Channel.

James M. - Monroe, Michigan

Several spots in our basement floor were cracked which caused puddling. Our walls were in pretty decent shape but there were a few cracks in them where water was draining in. Interior Channel installed their channel system and put in a new concrete floor where it was needed. There's water in our back yard but not in our basement.

Thank you

Rose & Elwood E. - Toledo, Ohio


Interior Channel Basement Waterproofing Systems are America's best waterproofing systems. It is only natural that other waterproofing companies compare their system to Interior Channel Systems. They may tell you their waterproofing systems are just as good as an Interior Channel, but there is no other waterproofing system that can compare to Interior Channel and no one else sells Interior Channel Systems. When you decide to have your basement problems solves be sure you contact Interior Channel.

Interior Channel suggests you check out your contractor at BBB.com before doing business.

"We Keep Water In Its Place Since 1978"


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