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How do I know I have a foundation or waterproofing problem?
Many signs are evident such as water on the floor, wall cracks, and moisture or dampness in your basement or crawl. A professional such as one of Interior Channel’s foundation experts can determine the extent of the damage and a fair cost for repairs. There is no high pressure. Our sales staff is trained to explain the problem and give you a full-service choice of solutions.


Where can I find signs in my basement that show problems?
In most cases, the corners and lower courses of blocks will show darkness where mold and mildew will gather above the floor on the block itself. Other signs are floor cracks, or if you have poured walls, you may see moisture come up where the floor meets the wall. Vertical or stress cracks are common problems in poured basements. In some cases, outside excavation is necessary. Call Interior Channel for an honest, no-pressure estimate.


Why doesn’t my basement always leak after rain?
This is an excellent question. Without getting into great detail, the water table and hydrostatic pressure are raised by rainfall. Tile systems are designed to relieve this pressure when it gets to a certain level. In most rains, the hydrostatic pressure is not strong enough to raise the water to basement level, so no leakage is noticed, but the water is still there.


Who is in charge of Interior Channel’s installation crew?
Every job Interior Channel installs has a chain of command attached. The first and most important contact you have is with your salesperson. It is his / her job to evaluate your current situation and relay this information in writing, and in photos if necessary, to management. Management then OKs the project and assigns it to our installation department. All of our installers are trained and every installation has a crew leader. He / she will introduce himself / herself when the job starts. Remember your salesperson is the ultimate contact between you and the company.


When is the best time to waterproof my basement or crawl?
Interior Channel works and installs systems year-round. Whenever you get tired of that damp, wet, moldy and mildewy basement, let us know. We’ll get on it within two weeks, guaranteed.



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Last Updated (September 06, 2010)