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Best Price Policy

Best Price Policy

Interior Channel has offered this program for the last 22 years.

Interior Channel will give you $100.00 Cash in your pocket if we are not your best deal.

"You know, we have never given our first $100.00 away in 22 years."

Facts: Interior Channel has been in business for 32 years locally owned and operated by the same founder who started it in 1978. This means no costly franchise fees to drive the prices up. All our work is warranted, Interior Channel offers 100% Financing. Give us a call.....and one of our consultants will come to your home and determine the best method for your problem.


  • Interior Channel is licensed and insured in three states, Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. We are members of the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, and Point Place Business Association.
  • Our Interior Channel Systems are in Banks, Churches, Businesses, Zoos and thousands of residential homes all over Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.
  • The world is changing. The basement waterproofing industry is no exception. Interior Channel is leading the way, with innovations, new ideas, and with effectively implementing good old ideas. In the coming years we will disrupt the basement waterproofing market to the degree that you either lead, change with it to keep up, or struggle and go out of business. There is no other options.
  • Interior Channel is re-defining what a residential waterproofing contractor is to a homeowner. The days of pressuring people or overselling them is coming to a close.
  • In 1996 we again made strides forward in our quest. We made a fundamental decision regarding diversification in all of our basement waterproofing systems. Our customers will gain as well as Interior Channel from all of our efforts. We literally “wrote the book” on basement waterproofing.
  • Most importantly, we feel we have more work than ever to accomplish. We have generated more ideas than we can implement and the backlog of new ideas is growing. Interior Channel will continue to spew forth more improvement in all areas in the coming years to make it even easier for the consumer, which is you = to buy from us, and increase the distance between us and our competitors.

In closing, I hope this information will help you in making a wise choice on a contractor that waterproofs your basement. Remember, if Interior Channel is not your contractor, that’s alright. I still hope you will keep us in mind when you need a slow running drain cleaned or your sewer backs up.

If you have any question please feel free to call me at 726-9331 or 1-800-589-6662.


Anthony P. Wolf


Interior Channel

4924 N. Summit St Toledo, Ohio 43611


Please just give us a call: (419) 726-9331 or 1-800-589-6662

Last Updated (August 19, 2010)